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Scott Beyer

Scott Beyer

September 16, 2019

The Presidential candidate Housing Plans: A Breakdown

In 2018, I wrote for TCA about how the affordable housing issue had gained momentum in America, from one that a decade ago nobody talked about, to a rising local and state issue. The “YIMBY” movement I profiled was a big reason why. With branches in different cities, the movement is premised on the idea that cities must allow more housing to accommodate population growth (YIMBY stands for “yes in my backyard,” in contrast to NIMBY, or“not in my backyard”). The movement started its advocacy on social media, proceeded to found nonprofits and host conferences and then launched political action committees to field candidates.

Since then, their issue has gone national. The New York Times, Washington Post and NPR have done write-ups on the housing shortage in U.S. cities. Federal legislators have proposed YIMBY bills. Most importantly, it has become a hot topic for Democratic presidential candidates, some of whom have released housing plans.

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