A Conversation Between Two Nimbys

“These Yimbys want to turn San Francisco into something called a ‘city’.”

SF Nimby Bob: Hey there neighbor, happy July 4th! Long time no see.

SF Nimby Bill: Oh hey Bob, you too!…Hey btw, have you heard what these “Yimbys” have been saying up at City Hall?

SF Nimby Bob: Yeah, they’re advocating for something called a “city”, where you densely mix housing and services.

SF Nimby Bill: Weird huh? I’d never heard of this concept. But when they described it, I thought, “y’know, this kinda sounds like San Francisco.”

SF Nimby Bob: I know, right? SF has that “city” quality…and it hasn’t turned out bad! I mean, this place is gorgeous.

SF Nimby Bill: Nor is it bad for the wallet! My home values appreciate every year, and I just got a home equity loan to send my kids to college.

SF Nimby Bob: Yes! And I plan to sell mine, so that me and Trudy can finally buy our dream home in Sausalito.

SF Nimby Bill: So do you think we should oblige these Yimbys, and let more of San Francisco grow into this whole “city” thing?

Both Nimbys look at each other: …..naaaaahhhh


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