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Market Urbanism Report Fellowship

Paid Fellowship

MUR seeks fellows who can commit 10-40 hours/week, at hourly rates of $20-30. The hours and pay will vary depending on responsibility. Paid fellowships are for those who will be available to work every weekday, although hours can be somewhat flexible. Fellowships are meant for those dedicated to advancing the Market Urbanism idea.

Volunteer Fellowship

MUR seeks fellows who can commit 10-20 hours/week, and work unpaid. Volunteer fellowships are for students who want internships to complete their university credits; or people who like MUR and wish to donate pro bono work. Hours are more flexible to fit your schedule. Volunteer fellowships are meant for those dedicated to advancing the Market Urbanism idea.

What we are looking for


We need people who are well-versed in Market Urbanism and know how to write, via articles and social media posts. There may be limited payment opportunities here, but this job is mainly for volunteers who want to use MUR as a platform to grow their brand and voice their ideas.


We need people who have fundraising experience - building lists, nurturing connections, and winning donations, so that MUR can scale into a bigger operation. Pay varies depending on experience.


MUR is both an advocacy org for promoting Market Urbanism ideas, and a consultancy that tries to make these ideas actual policy. "Client building" here means researching and courting potential clients who would hire us to do this. Pay varies based on experience.


We need people who eat, sleep and breathe marketing, doing everything from bird's-eye-view conversations on basic messaging, to nitty-gritty tasks like building spreadsheets of potential marketing leads and then messaging them. Pay is $20/hour.

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