Welcome To The Market Urbanism Report

For about a decade, there’s been a growing bipartisan consensus that America’s cities need liberalization. This consensus formed because of the problems our cities now face thanks to government control. Urban housing supply has been artificially limited by regulations, causing price inflation; publicly-run transportation systems create gridlock and delay; and other services are riddled with patronage.

Some of the strongest calls for reform have come from a small group of so-called “Market Urbanists.” They advocate for reviving cities through Market Urbanism, which is the cross between free-market policy ideas and urban issues.

The Market Urbanism idea was popularized by Adam Hengels, who runs a blog by that name. The idea has since been expanded upon by various writers.

Today, I started the Market Urbanism Report, a media company that is designed to further advance the cause. In the future, I could see my company wearing many hats, but for now, it is simply this — a website that publishes daily articles, along with videos filmed from street level inside America’s cities.

If you’re already a Market Urbanist, or want to learn more, then follow my website and get involved. And if you have any questions or comments, please reach out.

Scott Beyer
Scott Beyer owns and manages The Market Urbanism Report. He is a roving cross-country journalist who writes regular columns for Forbes, Governing Magazine and HousingOnline.com.