Introducing The Market Urbanism Podcast

A podcast about Market Urbanism, or the cross between free-market policies and urban issues.

Dear Market Urbanists,

MUR has officially launched a Market Urbanism Podcast for you! Late last year, several of us got together in Washington, DC, to record this podcast. Today we’re releasing it to the public.

Hillsdale College was nice enough to lend us their studio. In a marathon 3 days, we interviewed 19 guests and recorded 10 episodes. The hosts included, from right-to-left, Scott Beyer (journalist & owner of MUR), Martha Ekdahl (Young Voices journalist), Antonio Grana (tech & land-use consultant), & Sergio Rodrigues (tech entrepreneur & bicycle activist).

We had fun while recording, and hope you enjoy the episodes. A new one will be published the 1st of each month. To hear them – and subscribe using your preferred podcast service – click here:

[ The Market Urbanism Podcast ]

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