A podcast about Market Urbanism, or the cross between free-market policies and urban issues. We discuss how a liberalized approach to cities would lead to more housing, faster transport, improved public services, and better urban quality of life.

The Hosts

Scott Beyer

Martha Ekdahl

Sergio Rodrigues

Antonio Grana

How Can We Legalize Cities? - with Brooke Fallon & Randal O'Toole

In episode 10 of the Market Urbanism Podcast, we discuss how to "legalize cities" with Brooke Fallon & Randal O'Toole.

America's Homeless Epidemic: Causes And Solutions - with Don Burnes and Randy Shaw

In episode 9 of the Market Urbanism Podcast, we talk about causes and solutions to America's homeless problem.

The Case For Privatizing U.S. Infrastructure - with Bob Poole and Chris Edwards

We talk with Bob Poole of the Reason Foundation & Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute about the socialized nature of U.S. infrastructure, and the paths to privatizing it.

How To Solve D.C.'s Housing Affordability Crisis - with Yesim Taylor

We take several listener call-in and write-in questions about gentrification and economic development. Then we interview Yesim Taylor, executive director of the DC Policy Center, on the gentrification problem in D.C., and how to solve it.

How To Fund America's Overstretched Infrastructure - with Rick Rybeck and Charles Marohn

We talk with Charles Marohn, the founder of Strong Towns, and Rick Rybeck, director of Just Economics, about how better to fund America's overstretched infrastructure.

The State Of Municipal Finance in America - with Liz Farmer and Steven Greenhut

We talk with Liz Farmer, finance reporter for Governing Magazine, and Steven Greenhut, a senior fellow for the R Street Institute, about the state of municipal finance in America.

Reforming Mass Transit in America - with Nicole Gelinas and Nick Zaiac

We talk with Nicole Gelinas, a senior fellow for the Manhattan Institute, about the shoddy state of New York City's subways; and Nick Zaiac, commercial freedom fellow at the R Street Institute, about how transit should work in sprawl cities.

Can Alternative Transit Reduce Congestion? - with David Whitehead and David London

We talk with David Whitehead, of Greater Greater Washington, and David London, head of government relations at ofo, about the rise of alternative transit solutions - and how governments crack down on them.

The Rise Of YIMBY - with Sonja Trauss and Brent Gaisford

We talk with Sonja Trauss and Brent Gaisford about the rise of the YIMBY movement. Trauss is founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Renters' Federation, and a candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 6. Gaisford is a Los Angeles housing activist and director of the YIMBY group Abundant Housing LA.

What is Market Urbanism? - with Michael Lewyn and Ryan Avent

We talk with Michael Lewyn and Ryan Avent about the meaning and evolution of Market Urbanism. Lewyn is a Touro law professor, and author of the book "Government Intervention and Suburban Sprawl: The Case for Market Urbanism." Avent is an urban policy writer for The Economist, and author of the book "The Gated City."