Can Alternative Transit Reduce Congestion? - with David Whitehead and David London

In episode 3 of the Market Urbanism podcast, we talk about the rise of alternative transit solutions – and how the government is cracking down on them. In segment 1, we speak with David Whitehead, a housing and transportation writer for Greater Greater Washington, a Yimby blog based in DC. In segment 2, we interview David London, the government relations executive for the bikeshare company ofo.

Show Notes:

1:14 Scott Beyer starts his editorial speculating on why governments would be cracking down on scooters, bikeshare, etc.

4:10 Antonio Grana asks why alternative transit can’t use right-of-way (ROW) the same way cars do

6:35 Beyer presents a thought experiment: what if we had a market-based process for selling ROW?

7:24 Martha Ekdahl notes that having designated drop-off zones – for Uber, Fedex, etc. – would get support from the bike community.

8:05 Grana says that Hoboken is now experimenting with these drop-off zones.

9:56 Beyer starts interview with David Whitehead of Greater Greater Washington

13:08 Beyer asks Whitehead “what would 20,000 dockless bikes or scooters look like in DC?”

17:17 Sergio Rodrigues asks Whitehead about the equity component behind dockless bikeshare

18:31 Grana asks Whitehead about the ROW concerns with dockless bikeshare

20:48 Beyer asks Whitehead what would be a market-based system for managing ROW

21:42 Bill Steigerwald calls from Pittsburgh to ask Whitehead about the role of Uber in solving transportation

23:40 Beyer asks Whitehead about DC’s scooter regulations

26:10 beginning of interview with David London, government relations exec for ofo

28:17 Beyer asks London if ofo got kicked out of DC, or left voluntarily

30:14 Grana asks London whether he thinks the bikeshare industry should be opened to market competition

31:25 Ekdahl asks London what political allies ofo has sought out

33:30 Rodrigues ask London about dock-based vs. dockless systems, especially in regards to equity

34:48 London says NYC is an example of city taking a more open approach to bikeshare

35:59 Beyer asks if there’s one type of bikeshare regulation that is worse than the others

41:29 Grana asks London where the industry will be in 10 years

43:38 hosts respond to interviews with London, Whitehead