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Market Urbanism

Mixing Free Market Policy & Urban Issues

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Market Urbanism is a theory calling for free-market solutions to urban problems. Rooted in classical liberalism, it posits that cities work best through the bottom-up, private sector activity of many individuals, not top-down government plans. In this nifty guide, Scott Beyer describes how these free-market ideas can apply to housing, transport and public administration. You can purchase the book (including one signed by the author) below.

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Articles by City

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What is Market Urbanism?

Market Urbanism is the cross between free-market policy and urban issues. Market Urbanists believe that if cities were liberalized, they would have cheaper housing, faster transport, and better services. To learn more, watch the video or click on the comprehensive guide.

Read the comprehensive guide on Market Urbanism.






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Scott Beyer's trip through the Global South: July 2022-December 2023

Visiting 50 cities for a week each to study urbanism, find investment opportunities, and see the world

Latin America
1. Guadalajara, Mexico
2. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
3. Managua, Nicaragua
4. San Jose, Costa Rica
5. Panama City, Panama
6. Medellin, Colombia
7. Bogata, Colombia
8. Quito, Ecuador
9. Lima, Peru
10. La Paz, Bolivia
11. Rio de Janiero, Brazil
12. Sao Paulo, Brazil
13. Asuncion, Paraguay
14. Montevideo, Uruguay
15. Buenos Aires, Argentina
16. Santiago, Chile

17. Johannesburg, South Africa
18. Nampula, Mozambique
19. Zanzibar, Tanzania
20. Nairobi, Kenya
21. Kampala, Uganda
22. Kigali, Rwanda
23. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
24. Asmara, Eritrea
25. Luanda, Angola
26. Kinshasa, DRC
27. Bata, Equatorial Guinea
28. Lagos, Nigeria
29. Accra, Ghana
30. Marrakesh, Morocco
31. Algiers, Algeria
32. Tunis, Tunisia
33. Cairo, Egypt

34. Abu Dhabi, UAE
35. Dubai, UAE
36. New Delhi, India
37. Mumbai, India
38. Manilla, Philippines
39. Brunei
40. Jakarta, Indonesia
41. Singapore
42. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
43. Bangkok, Thailand
44. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
45. Hanoi, Vietnam
46. Shanghai, China
47. Taipei, Taiwan
48. Hong Kong
49. Seoul, South Korea
50. Tokyo, Japan

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