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Market Urbanism

What is Market Urbanism?

Market Urbanism is the cross between free-market policy and urban issues. Rooted from the classical liberal economic tradition, the theory calls for private-sector actions that create organic growth and voluntary exchange within cities, rather than ones enforced by government bureaucracy.

Market Urbanists believe that were this model tried in cities, it would produce cheaper housing, faster transport, improved public services and better quality of life. For a more detailed breakdown of the Market Urbanist position on various issues, visit the page "What Is Market Urbanism?"

What is Market Urbanism Report?

Market Urbanism Report is a media company whose goal is to advance this Market Urbanism idea, so that it becomes better known by the public and utilized within cities.

The company consists of a website that publishes weekly articles, a podcast, and several active social media threads with a combined following of over 50,000.

The company was founded in 2017 by urban affairs journalist Scott Beyer, and provides a platform for thousands of Market Urbanists.

Who We Are

Scott Beyer

Scott Beyer, founder & CEO

Scott Beyer owns and manages Market Urbanism Report. He is an urban affairs journalist who writes regular columns for the Independent Institute, Governing Magazine,, and other publications, and regularly does interviews across the media landscape. Originally from Charlottesville, VA, he is based in New York City.

Ethan Finlan

Ethan Finlan, content manager

Ethan Finlan is a Market Urbanism Report fellow who specializes in research and content. He’s written for various magazines on transportation and how it interacts with land use and housing debates. Originally from San Diego, he is now based in metro Boston.

William Miller

Rebecca Lau, content author

Rebecca Lau specializes in researching and writing content. Originally from San Francisco, she is a libertarian activist who for 3 years has chaired the Manhattan Libertarian Party. She also works as an assistant and content creator for Emmy Award-winning journalist John Stossel.

William Miller

Pooja Kushwaha, design manager

Pooja Kushwaha is responsible for branding and design. She is a graphic designer and has been in the industry for over 4 years, specializing in visual communications such as branding, marketing, packaging, and magazine layouts. She is from Chennai, India.

William Miller

Krystal Cohen, fundraising manager

Krystal Cohen is MUR's fundraising manager, having spent the last three years as a grant writer for a charter school. She has worked with several nonprofit organizations geared toward K-12 education and youth development, particularly in urban areas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Princeton University. She is from Jersey City.

Jordan Parrish

Bo Bigelow, fundraising advisor

Bo Bigelow has spent 20 plus years working in the non profit sector helping develop organizations and fundraising programs. He hails from New England and is currently living in Minnesota where he runs a fundraising consultancy, Kestrel Management.


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