Grandma’s Jewelry: A Public Menace

If you naively think that you have the right to sell your belongings, on your own property, when you would like, according to Arlington, TX – you’re wrong. Want to sell Grandma’s lackluster costume jewelry? Well, if the city has its way you’ll be forced to obtain a permit before even thinking about holding that garage sale. As CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports, under the new ordinance, you would only be able to push off your antiquated junk onto willing buyers three times a year, each sale would run no longer than 3 days, and sale times must fit between 7am and 7pm. Oh, and by accepting the permit you are also allowing code enforcement officers onto your property to inspect. Try and refuse, and they’ll be able to get a warrant and hit you with a $500 fee. Assuming this law passes, it’s probably best to count your losses and pass Grandma’s jewelry onto the next generation.

Charles Blain
Charles Blain is the executive director of Restore Justice USA, a Houston-based criminal justice reform project. He also regularly writes on issues regarding the economic management of major cities.